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Tips for Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Home:

Do not leave pet food and water dishes outside overnight. This is a great food source for rodents, opossums and raccoons, and will encourage them to live in or around your home

Use sturdy trash receptacles that can be sealed tightly. Again, trash is an easy meal for rodents, opossums and raccoons. Using a bungee cord to fasten the lid is one solution.

Do not attach bird feeders to your home or other structures. Bird watching is a wonderful pastime; however, squirrels are just as attracted to these feeders. So far, there is no bird feeder that can keep a squirrel out.

Do not allow seed spilled from your bird feeder to collect on the ground. This makes it much easier for wildlife to grab a quick meal.

Do not leave food out for wild animals such as squirrels and raccoons. Encouraging wildlife to eat at your home will encourage them to nest in your home.

Trim tree branches that touch or overhang your home. This will prevent squirrels and other rodents from accessing your roof and will also help prevent damage from fallen branches during storms and high winds.

Clear debris from around your home and yard, including wood piles. Snakes and their food sources, mice and rodents, tend to nest in niches created by wood piles and tall grass.

Share clean up duty with neighbors for unfinished lots and vacant homes. Removing debris, brush and tall grass from neighboring lots will go a long way to reduce the number of wild animals around your home and will help beautify your neighborhood.


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