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Racoon removal

Racoon removal

Racoon removal


What if I'm hearing noises at night and during the day?
Then you might have a combination of rodents and squirrels living in your home. A trained technician can accurately determine what type of animal by examining its droppings, scratch marks, nesting habits, and size of entry point upon inspection.
What can be done to get rid of rats and/or mice from my home?

There are several different methods we use for the extermination of rodents. Our technicians will ask you some questions about your property to determine entry points, where they are nesting, amount of infestation, and accessibility to your attic to determine the method that is best suited to your home. We even have methods to safely treat homes with your pets in mind.

Is it harmful to allow squirrels to live in my attic?
Yes. Squirrels are very destructive. They can chew through your wiring, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. They also tear up insulation and can chew through wood or siding to get in and out of your home.

How can I get rid of squirrels, raccoons, and/or opossums from my home?

These animals are humanely live trapped and relocated. Our technicians are trained to set out live traps in strategic locations around your property. We trap over a period of several weeks to ensure that the targeted animal has been removed.

When the trapping is completed, what can be done to prevent other wildlife from entering my home?

The entry point(s) must be sealed up completely and securely to avoid other animals from reentering your home. Our technicians have the equipment and expertise to successfully seal up entry points. When we trap and seal up the entry point, we give a one year warranty that the targeted animal will not reenter your home through the entry point that we have sealed.

Can I remove nuisance animals from my home without professional help?

There are several reasons why a professional should be used. First, and most importantly, is the issue of safety. Our technicians are trained to approach and handle wildlife. Some animals, like raccoons, are carriers of rabies and should only be handled by professionals. When an animal is cornered, it could try to attack and bite, especially if it's a mother protecting her young. Secondly, when a home owner tries to set out traps and is unsuccessfull, it makes our job more difficult. Animals quickly learn the danger of traps and will avoid entering anything that looks suspicious. When home owners fail and call us, it makes our technicians less successful.


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