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Squirrel removal

Squirrel removal

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Here are a few common characteristics of some of the animals that we frequently handle:

Rats & Mice

These animals are nocturnal and will mostly be heard at night. You will hear scampering and chewing noises. These animals have 4-6 litters of young per year with 4-8 babies per litter Most rodents enter through various holes around the premises or at the roofline.

Grey Squirrels

Chewing and scampering noises in the morning and evening is usually a sign of common grey squirrels.They have two litters of young a year and can have 3-6 babies per litter.

Raccoons & Opossum

Raccoons seek a dwelling like an attic: warm, dry and free from predators. Although raccoons usually avoid confrontation, a cornered or scared animal can be very dangerous and should be avoided. Raccoons are scavengers and will usually get into pet food and trash cans for a quick meal.
Non-venomous snakes common to area: the Red and Black Rat Snake, the King Snake, and the Black Racers. There are two types of venomous snakes common to the New Orleans area: the Cotton Mouth (a.k.a. Water Moccasin) and the Copperhead. If you are bitten by any snake, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY. If you notice snakes around your home, you may have a rodent problem. Rodents are snakes' main diet.. Acadian Rodent & Animal Control can remove snakes on the spot, as well as rid your property of their food source.
Bats are most commonly found in gable vents of the attic of homes. Their waste can be extremely harmful. It contains large amounts of ammonia, which is dangerous if inhaled. The waste has a tendency to saturate the insulation in attics, causing a severe health hazard. We can remove the bats, install screening on the gable vents to keep them out, and clean up the contamination they leave behind.


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Squirrel removal

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Squirrel removal


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